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Learn to Draw on the iPad

Some people look at art and wish they could do it themselves, even though they can’t draw a straight line, even though painting and drawing are fun, relaxing ways to spend some stress free time. 

I’m Steven Lipton, and I’m not a professional artist. If I can do stuff like this, you can too. I’ll show you the secrets to making good art and having some fun with traditional looking painting in the digital world of the iPad with Procreate. 

We’ll learn how to use digital media with traditional techniques to make art you’ll enjoy making. You won’t  get an Professional Illustrator or Comic book job, but you enjoy the art process and have some fun and relaxation along the way. 

So Join me on a journey through drawing, sketching, painting and more in procreate as we build your skills to draw and pant in Procreate.  


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Learn some of the setup and course information that will make your learning experience a good one. Along the way, we’ll cover necessary materials, how to start a Procreate canvas, how to load and share images, and some basic settings.

Charcoal for Beginners

The most accessible media for beginners is dark charcoal and an eraser. We’ll make a series of still life sketches from our imagination and then reference photos to explore light, shade, and volume fundamentals for our first drawings. 

Paint with Color

With pencils, we’ll explore the power of using lines to define objects in the picture plane. You’ll learn how to use the Apple Pencil to help you draw and some line-based ways to shade your drawings with pencil and ink. 

Draw And Sketch with Pencils

Once you know about light, you are ready to add color. In this section, we’ll learn about the color palette, make your own palettes, and color theory for vibrant color. Then we’ll learn how to use the oil, watercolor, and marker brushes in Procreate. 

Contour and Perspective 

You’ve learned structure to drawing, now go to the next level an use contour and perspective in your work to get even more realistic results.

Drawing and Painting Portraits

We’ll start drawing and painting people’s heads and shoulders for portraiture. We’ll learn the basic shapes of the face, how to do a self-portrait and how best to use photo references of faces. We’ll also cover some other styles used in Comics and Manga. 

Drawing and Painting People

We’ll look at painting and drawing more than just a face. We’ll look at Male and female bodies to understand how proportions work and emphasize energy and movement in Sports, Ballet, and Martial arts. 


Landscapes have their own challenges, but Like Bob Ross before us, we’ll learn how to make images of outdoor scenes. But, unlike Bob Ross, we’ll also explore cities and buildings on this planet and others. We’ll also look at ink effects for maps. 


There will be some cuteness before this chapter, but I’ll do more with animals here. We’ll look at animal anatomy and some tips about fur. 


Plants and flowers are not my favorite subject, but I’m sure some people are curious. We’ll cover still life with leaves and flowers, then improve our landscapes with some trees and explore Japanese and Chinese painting techniques. 


Animation is possible in Procreate. We’ll make short GIFs and videos and learn some of the basic animation techniques used by the old masters of animation.