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31 Oil Paint

Learn to paint with the Oil Paint brush in Procreate. Using a familiar figure, we’ll learn how to create a simple oil painted figure, while learning some of the tricks with layers and blending you need to know to paint in Oil.


The challenge is to Paint a figure from a geometric line drawing with the oil or turpentine brushes. Here’s six line drawings, including the one from the lesson, for you to choose from. Save the image to you photos and import to Procreate from there. Remember to use Multiply on your line drawing layer. Find other images on the internet or make your own for a bigger challenge.

Exercise File

If you want to follow along here’s the starting file for download. See 03 Downloading Stuff for details of how to use.


We’ll be using the RYB palette, but if you want to download it, I’ve added it here, see Video 03 Downloading Stuff for details of how to install.

RYB Colors

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