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32 Use the Apple Pencil the Right Way

The Apple Pencil is a amazing tool but do you know how to use it right in Procreate? We’ll explore varieties of Stylus and how to use the features of the Apple Pencil you don’t know about.


The challenge this week is to experiment with the Apple Pencil, using the pressure tests used in the video. Try this on a Sketing>6B Pencil and a Drawing>Moorilla brush. On a blank canvas, do the following for each brush:

  • Draw a horizontal Line with your finger
  • Draw with he Apple Pencil several horizontal lines
  • Draw three vertical lines starting at low pressure and tapering to high pressure
  • Draw three vertical lines starting al high pressure and tapering to low pressure
  • Shade with the side of the pencil

Once you do that try some other brushed you haven’t used before with the Apple Pencil using the same strokes.


We’ll be using the RYB palette, but if you want to download it, I’ve added it here, see Video 03 Downloading Stuff for details of how to install.

RYB Colors


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