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Swift Playgrounds

The Swift Playgrounds Page

Swift playgrounds is the remarkable development environment where you can experiment with Swift code. Since June 2016, there is also Swift Playgrounds for iPad, so you can learn and prototype Swift. You’ll find here many of my resources for Swift.

360iDev 2017

Here’s the resources for my presentation at 360iDev in Denver August 14 2017. All are in .zip files.

Learning Swift Playgrounds Application Development


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Learn how to use the full power of Xcode and iPad playgrounds to prototype ideas, document new frameworks, and teach others how to code.

When Apple introduced Swift, they also introduced playgrounds, a way of prototyping and playing with Swift in Xcode without compiling to a simulator or device. Now there’s the Swift Playgrounds app for the iPad, which extends their power to a mobile, interactive environment. Playgrounds are a versatile system for app development, whether you’re prototyping ideas, documenting new frameworks, or learning to code. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. In this course, Steven Lipton explores playgrounds for Xcode and for the iPad. Find out how to use these new ecosystems to quickly write code (even without a keyboard!), debug and test at lightning speed, create interactive presentations, and build courses to teach programming concepts in a fun and interactive way. Learn what you can do with these powerful tools for prototyping, documentation, and education.

Topics Covered:

  • Comparing iPad and Xcode playgrounds
  • Creating and testing Swift classes and code in iPad and Xcode playgrounds
  • Prototyping code
  • Debugging and testing with Quick Look live views
  • Using markup to interactively document code and create educational lessons
  • Compiling code into playgrounds