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A Developer Preview of WWDC 2018

We are once again getting close to the time for Apple’s World Wide Developers conference, and like every year, the press is busy trying to predict and preview what is ahead for the first week in June. Once again, they will completely miss the… Continue Reading “A Developer Preview of WWDC 2018”

WWDC2016: Swift 3.0 and the Playgrounds for iOS

Last week the WWDC2016 left all of us with a lot to think about. I want to talk about some of the high points. I say some, because that’s a lot of stuff to absorb, and I didn’t get through enough to talk reasonably… Continue Reading “WWDC2016: Swift 3.0 and the Playgrounds for iOS”

7 More Impressions From WWDC2015 Almost Everyone Missed

I have a mystery brewing. Last week I wrote an article 12 Points that the media missed at WWDC2015. An astute reader noted that #5,6,and 7 was missing. Was it a plot by Google to keep these points quiet? No,  I just goofed and… Continue Reading “7 More Impressions From WWDC2015 Almost Everyone Missed”


A few weeks ago, I was talking to friend  about the Stopwatch I had written in Sprite Kit. At the time I had the stopwatch working to tenths of a second.  While I was discussing this stopwatch on social media, a friend of mine… Continue Reading “WWDC Is Not CES”