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Add Provisional Permissions for Notifications

If you’ve worked with notifications before, you’ve probably dealt with user permissions. IN iOS 12, there’s a new type of user notification permission to handle a situation that happens often, which is super easy to add to already existent code. Download the exercise file and… Continue Reading “Add Provisional Permissions for Notifications”

Customizing Notifications with the Service and Content Extensions

For all the changes in notifications starting in iOS 10 the coolest is the service extension and the content extension. The service extension intercepts push payloads from apps, and gives you the chance to change content in the notification before it is presented. The… Continue Reading “Customizing Notifications with the Service and Content Extensions”

Add Actions and Categories to Notification in Swift

In  earlier lessons I’ve shown you how to make a notification and how to manage notifications with the UserNotifications frame work. One very exciting part of the frame work is executing  the app’s code in the background. You don’t have to open the app to… Continue Reading “Add Actions and Categories to Notification in Swift”