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This Old App: 2013 Code, Meet Xcode 8

A few months ago my app Interval RunCalc was removed from the App Store for being too old and not updated. In this series of articles I’ll document what I did on rebuilding and improving the app. In our first article I analyzed the… Continue Reading “This Old App: 2013 Code, Meet Xcode 8”

This Old App Episode 1: The Evaluation Stage

Before anyone thought that home improvement could be sexy, WGBH Boston started a series on house restoration. This Old House is  still going strong after 36 seasons. If you’ve never watched, each season a house in bad shape undergoes restoration. The cast goes through… Continue Reading “This Old App Episode 1: The Evaluation Stage”

The Beta Blues with the Apple Watch

In case you did not hear about the WWDC15 keynote, Apple announced that  WatchKit is now part of WatchOS2, implemented in the Xcode 7 beta. WatchOS2 has several major differences to WatchKit, most importantly native execution of apps on the watch. For the watchkit… Continue Reading “The Beta Blues with the Apple Watch”