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This Old App: Another Bug, Another Day

One of the biggest hazards of indie developers is getting full of themselves. You’ll do things that you think are right or you found on StackOverflow from some other indie developer the looks like good code. Then someone comes along and tells you otherwise.… Continue Reading “This Old App: Another Bug, Another Day”

Custom Table View Cells in Swift 3

In iOS you are limited to two labels and an image for one of the standard table view cell styles. You might want more custom cells than this. You are not alone with  other developers including, Instagram, Twitter, Feedly and even Apple often using more than… Continue Reading “Custom Table View Cells in Swift 3”

How to Use Custom Table Cells in a UITableView

While very versatile, there’s some point where every developer finds table views lacking something: the cell format is too limited.  Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram don’t use simple table views. They use  custom table cell formats.  In this lesson, we’ll start learning how… Continue Reading “How to Use Custom Table Cells in a UITableView”