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Fix Stack View Disasters

Learn how to take a disaster of nested stack views and untangle it into a great user interface.

Xcode 10 Storyboard Changes

Note: You can also watch a video of this lesson at Lynda. com and LinkedInLearning.  There’s been a few changes  to the storyboard in Xcode 10, some might just drive you crazy if you don’t know how to use them. Some are really cool… Continue Reading “Xcode 10 Storyboard Changes”

How to Add Stack Views Programmatically and (almost) avoid AutoLayout

Some people don’t like Interface Builder and like to code instead. Sometimes your layout is so dynamic you need to lay out in code. In either case, programmatic layout of views becomes the answer instead of auto layout. In Xcode 7 Apple introduced stack… Continue Reading “How to Add Stack Views Programmatically and (almost) avoid AutoLayout”