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This Old App: Why I Hate PickerViews, but Learned To Love Them.

A few months ago, Apple removed my app Interval RunCalc from the App Store for being too old. In this series of articles I’ll document what I did on rebuilding and improving the app. In the last installment, I placed my new model into… Continue Reading “This Old App: Why I Hate PickerViews, but Learned To Love Them.”

Swift Swift: Formatting a UIPickerView

[Updated to Swift 2.0/iOS9.0 9/15/15] I’ve posted on UIPickerViews before, but in the comments for that post, I got a question that needed an answer so big, it was worth a new post. UIPickerViews are those spinning wheel slot machine type controls. For a… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Formatting a UIPickerView”

Swift Swift: Implementing Picker Views

[Updated to Swift3.0 10/4/16 SJL] This week, we’ll look at UIPickerView. Picker views are the spin-wheel like controls that often remind me of slot machines. Picker views, like table and collection views, are delegate based. You need to adopt a delegate and data source to… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Implementing Picker Views”