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Change UIColors to RGB and HSB colors

One dilemma you’ll find when working with colors is switching between color systems. There’s two you’ll most often be using: the Red-Green-Blue or RGB and Hue-Saturation-Brightness or HSB. Download the Exercise file and run. It will give you the HSB value, but what if… Continue Reading “Change UIColors to RGB and HSB colors”

UIColor Class Extensions

A couple of weeks ago, I added  a column on converting hex colors to UIColor. That was a function you had to copy and paste into your code. I’ve also shown you how to use the assets to keep color names handy. What would… Continue Reading “UIColor Class Extensions”

Tip: Hex Colors

There’s lot of ways to represent colors. Crayons have names like Sea Green and Peach. I used these two colors since I’m color blind and they once got me in serious trouble when I was young. I and many with color blindness can’t tell them… Continue Reading “Tip: Hex Colors”

How to Use NSUserDefaults in Swift.

NSUserDefaults Getters and setters

While Property Lists can be ways of storing data, there is a better way of handling small amounts of data for preferences and settings that might change over time and user. While built on a property list, NSUSerDefaults Makes for a more convenient way… Continue Reading “How to Use NSUserDefaults in Swift.”

KinderSwift 7: Introduction to Functions

This session we will learn about functions by making colors with UIColor. Transcript Welcome to lesson 7 of KinderSwift. In our last lesson we used this to convert a Int into a Double and this to convert a Double into a Int. Both of… Continue Reading “KinderSwift 7: Introduction to Functions”

Swift Swift: Using UIColor in Swift Part 2: Making a Color Palette with HSB

[Updated to Swift 2.0/iOS9 SJL 9/18/15] In our last post we discussed the RGB color space which uses red green and blue to create color. It is a very popular color space to communicate and specify color since it uses a very easy numbering… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Using UIColor in Swift Part 2: Making a Color Palette with HSB”

Swift Swift: Using Color and UIColor in Swift Part 1: RGB

[Updated to Swift 2.0/iOS9.0 9/18/15 SJL – errors corrected 11/20/15] I’m color blind, and that makes me a very good person to teach you about color and UIColor.  I’ve painted for many years and my color blindness does not detract but actually helps me… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Using Color and UIColor in Swift Part 1: RGB”