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Use Dynamic Type

For reading ease and visual accessibility you should be using dynamic fonts whenever possible. Let’s look at an example you can get from the download files. I’ve run the Split View Controller from a previous tip in landscape on an iPad Pro 9.7 inch….

Using Haptics

Learn how to use haptics to give phone vibrations and physical sensation to your iPhone apps.

Sliders as Knobs

You’ve seen other apps rotate views, but you may have no idea how to do it yourself. Let me show you one way to rotate views. We’ll make a simple knob control you might be able to use in your apps. Download the example…

CALayer Masks

UI doesn’t have to look like a rectangle. You might want a different shape for your icon. You can do that with layer masks. Let’s learn how to set them up. Download the example files. You’ll find an app with two square buttons. If…

Add an Animated Drawer

You’ve probably seen menus that pop out of the side of an app, but do you know how to make one? With the knowledge of some simple code you too can add these to your application using auto layout. If you take a look…

From Apple to Raspberry Pi: How to do Threading with Python and Tkinter

We’re going to have a diversion away from the penguin app for a bit due to some work I ‘m doing and thought it would be useful for many working with the Raspberry Pi and Python. I’m working with time-lapse photography on the Raspberry…

From Apple to Raspberry Pi: Adding Combo Box Selections and Message Boxes

We began to make our penguin data collection interface last week. Today we are going to add Combobox selections to the penguin panel.  The Combobox widget codes similar to the Entry widget. Instead of text for a title it takes a list for values….