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Date and Time in iOS

The song says time is on my side, but I sometimes I wonder about that when trying to work with the time types in iOS. Let me show you some of the time types. In Xcode, Open up a blank playground. There are two… Continue Reading “Date and Time in iOS”

Parsing Strings from Time and Fractions to Doubles

This week’s lesson covers a topic the I left off on last week’s lesson, but can be used outside that context. I thus wanted to cover it separately. Last week I showed you how to use a UIPickerView to input numbers with a lot less validation.… Continue Reading “Parsing Strings from Time and Fractions to Doubles”

Swift Swift: Using Dates and the UIDatePicker in Swift

When you set an appointment in the calendar app there is a control used for time measurements called the UIDatePicker. While not one of the most popular controls, it is very handy for working with dates. In this lesson we’ll find out how easy… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Using Dates and the UIDatePicker in Swift”