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Actions in Table Views

Sometimes table views could use a few buttons. There’s two delegates which create swipe buttons on table view cells. Let’s learn how you can implement these buttons and an interesting hidden feature you can do with them.  There is two delegate methods, one for… Continue Reading “Actions in Table Views”

Swift Watchkit: How to Add Simple Dynamic Tables to Apple Watch

In the last post, we looked at scroll views and static tables. There are many instances where tables filled with data at runtime are necessary. If you are familiar with UITableViewController, you may be delighted to know that WKInterfaceTable is a lot simpler to… Continue Reading “Swift Watchkit: How to Add Simple Dynamic Tables to Apple Watch”

Swift Watchkit: Making ScrollViews and Static TableViews.

To state the obvious, The Apple Watch has very small  screen real estate. There are times we need more screen space than is available. In iOS, there are scroll views. One subclass of scroll views are the table views. Table views come in two… Continue Reading “Swift Watchkit: Making ScrollViews and Static TableViews.”