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Checkboxes in SwiftUI

There’s lots of good stuff in SwiftUI. One missing control is old fashioned checkbox like I have on the web or on my Mac. There is a way to make a checkbox with a Toggle control. However, as a bit of a intro to… Continue Reading “Checkboxes in SwiftUI”

Unicode Characters in Strings

Special characters like emoji, accents, and symbols in your strings are easier to get than you think. This week, we’ll talk about how using Unicode characters in Swift Strings. Open the exercise file and you’ll find a project which we’ll use for this. I… Continue Reading “Unicode Characters in Strings”

Tip: Hex Colors

There’s lot of ways to represent colors. Crayons have names like Sea Green and Peach. I used these two colors since I’m color blind and they once got me in serious trouble when I was young. I and many with color blindness can’t tell them… Continue Reading “Tip: Hex Colors”

Weekly Tip: Make an iPad Camera

iOS Development tips weekly is a series you can find at the Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning libraries. The first week of a week’s tip will be available to the public. After that, you will need a subscription to get access to it. Click the… Continue Reading “Weekly Tip: Make an iPad Camera”

Programmatic Navigation View Controllers in Swift 3.0

Navigation controllers are the workhorse of  organizing view controllers. I’ve covered much of their use in other posts about MVC, segues and delegates. In this chapter, we’ll go through some of the Swift code for the Navigation controller. The View Controller Stack Navigation view… Continue Reading “Programmatic Navigation View Controllers in Swift 3.0”

Tab Bar Controllers in Xcode 8 Storyboards

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at tab bar controllers and how to add them in the storyboard.  For more on implementing them completely in code see Swift Swift: Using Tab Bar Controllers in Swift. For more on data sharing once set up… Continue Reading “Tab Bar Controllers in Xcode 8 Storyboards”

Using Attributed Strings in Swift 3.0

For most uses, a basic string works well. Normal strings have no character or paragraph formatting. They rely on the properties of the control to format them. The system only formats the full string, not parts of it. For formatting a part of a… Continue Reading “Using Attributed Strings in Swift 3.0”

How to Use enum and Enumerations in Swift

Often code needs some way to describe a discrete set of cases. You might need values for breakfast lunch and dinner for example. How we configure a view might be set by one of a few choices. There are many types of UIButtons we… Continue Reading “How to Use enum and Enumerations in Swift”

Swift Swift: Using NSTimer to Make a Timer or Alarm

With the launch of the Apple Watch it’s time for timers in iOS and WatchKit. Learning to use timers is a very important skill for most developers. There are many places we need to schedule regular intervals of time to do things. In my… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Using NSTimer to Make a Timer or Alarm”

Tab Bar Controllers in Storyboards

[Updated to Swift 2.0/iOS9 9/21/15 SJL] While Navigation controllers often have the limelight when it comes to Xcode controllers, Tab Bar controllers are great for independent tasks in the same app or for different ways of working with the same model. In this lesson,… Continue Reading “Tab Bar Controllers in Storyboards”