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Swift WatchKit: Using Images on an Apple Watch (Part 1: Storyboard)

Goodbye Emoticons! Up to this point in our lessons for programming Apple Watch we’ve used emoticons for graphics. It’s time to introduce true images to our WatchKit apps. There are two ways to use graphics. We’ll discuss adding images to Buttons, Groups, and Interface… Continue Reading “Swift WatchKit: Using Images on an Apple Watch (Part 1: Storyboard)”

Swift WatchKit: Programming  Sliders on the Apple Watch

In the last few lessons, we’ve covered some of the controls a developer can use in an Apple Watch app. As we’ve learned, we do not have full access to the properties of the controls. Instead, we have a few attributes we can only… Continue Reading “Swift WatchKit: Programming  Sliders on the Apple Watch”

From Apple to Raspberry Pi: More Widgets! More Power!!!

We covered some of the major simple widgets in Tkinter. There are a few more used less regularly: radio buttons, checkboxes, sliders, and spinners. This lesson, we’ll look at those  widgetsand make a better power panel. Control Variables We used control variables in the… Continue Reading “From Apple to Raspberry Pi: More Widgets! More Power!!!”