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The Slippy Flippy Dare: Making a Basic Obstacle

To make a game fun there must be a challenge. One of those challenges is some obstacle in your path or headed towards you.  In both Flappy Bird and SlippyFlippyPenguin that  obstacle is a large rectangle with a gap in it. Your job is… Continue Reading “The Slippy Flippy Dare: Making a Basic Obstacle”

From Apple to Raspberry Pi: While Loops

In Xcode, both in Objective-C and C, we have the while loop. The python equivalent is also while Since we already understand the block, know sometimes as a suite in Python, while loops in  Python are very simple to use. We can use break… Continue Reading “From Apple to Raspberry Pi: While Loops”

Apple to Raspberry Pi: Python’s If

In Objective-C, we would write an if statement like this: if(number1 == number2){ NSLog(@”equal”); } in Python it is this: if number1==number2 : print(‘equal’) There is no parentheses required around the logical expression. Instead of the {} to show the block to run, a… Continue Reading “Apple to Raspberry Pi: Python’s If”

Going from Apple to Raspberry Pi

I got a new toy this week at work:  A Raspberry Pi. It’s a small computer the size of a mint tin that costs about $35. I comes just as a board, but I invested in a nice case for it. Instead of a… Continue Reading “Going from Apple to Raspberry Pi”