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Time Picker Part 2: Strings to Time Intervals

In the last tip,  I showed you how to use UIPickerControllers to make a time interval input. What I didn’t show you is how to output that. In this tip I’ll show you how to read and convert data from a picker that has… Continue Reading “Time Picker Part 2: Strings to Time Intervals”

Protocols and Time Pickers

While there is the date components picker, sometimes you want a picker the gives a time interval in seconds. In this two-part tutorial, Let me show you how to set up one, and discuss some good uses of protocols beyondself If you download the… Continue Reading “Protocols and Time Pickers”

Converting Objective C to Swift : The Circular Picker View Example

Swift is a new language. Objective C is not. Sometimes you have some Objective C code and want to make it into Swift code. I had a case of that this week when a reader asked me about continuous picker view wheels. If you… Continue Reading “Converting Objective C to Swift : The Circular Picker View Example”