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Launch an Alert from a Closure Safely

Your app can get into problems when you launch UI from others threads, such as closures.  For example, you  might have an app that going to ask for permissions for things like photos, notifications, or location data. The system usually handles those, but you… Continue Reading “Launch an Alert from a Closure Safely”

Customizing Notifications with the Service and Content Extensions

For all the changes in notifications starting in iOS 10 the coolest is the service extension and the content extension. The service extension intercepts push payloads from apps, and gives you the chance to change content in the notification before it is presented. The… Continue Reading “Customizing Notifications with the Service and Content Extensions”

Adding Actions to iOS and WatchOS Local Notifications

Even if you never want to make an app for the Apple Watch, there’s one place you might want to think about supporting: Notifications. In a previous lesson, we explored how to make local notifications for iOS devices. That lesson ended with a free… Continue Reading “Adding Actions to iOS and WatchOS Local Notifications”

Adding iOS Local Notifications in Swift

The word notification gets a bit abused in the world of mobile development, especially in the world of Apple development. Notifications could mean internal notifications, where classes use observers to watch unrelated code. When a notification appears, the observer code executes special code for… Continue Reading “Adding iOS Local Notifications in Swift”