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Swift Watchkit: Working with Modal Views Part 1: Segue with a Delegate

Modal views on iPhones and ipads are used for input of information that requires attention. One of the on the Apple Watch is a modal view. You cannot mix a page-based interface with a hierarchical (i.e. navigation) interface as we learned in previous lessons….

Swift Swift Tutorials: Calculator Style buttons in an Auto Layout Xib

Some people want calculator-type buttons. It would be nice to have such buttons for say, an order entry app. In this lesson we’ll put together a set of buttons to make a layout for an order entry system. Along the way I’ll show how…

Swift Swift: Using Xibs and Delegates with Modal Views

In the last post, I showed how to create modal views and popovers on an iPad . That lesson was missing two critical things for modal views, which we will cover in this one. We will learn how to add a .xib file to…