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Adding Annotations and Overlays to Maps

In the last lesson, we explored the  joys of making maps using the UIMapView and MapKit. While showing maps is great, we often want to add things to a map, such as locations and graphics.  These are known as Annotations and Overlays. In this lesson… Continue Reading “Adding Annotations and Overlays to Maps”

How to Use MapKit for 2D and 3D Map Views.

Everyone may remember when Apple first introduced MapKit to replace Google Maps on iPhones, they ended up to apologizing. However over time, developers have found how easy it is to use MapKit. This API provides features which make using  both 2D and 3D maps… Continue Reading “How to Use MapKit for 2D and 3D Map Views.”

7 More Impressions From WWDC2015 Almost Everyone Missed

I have a mystery brewing. Last week I wrote an article 12 Points that the media missed at WWDC2015. An astute reader noted that #5,6,and 7 was missing. Was it a plot by Google to keep these points quiet? No,  I just goofed and… Continue Reading “7 More Impressions From WWDC2015 Almost Everyone Missed”