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Tables and Scroll Views in WatchOS2

One of the most powerful and important controls on both wearable and mobile devices are table views. Table views come in two flavors: static and dynamic. Dynamic table views read data from a collection type and displays it. Static tables allow for a vertical… Continue Reading “Tables and Scroll Views in WatchOS2”

How to Use Watch Timers and NSTimers in WatchOS2 and Swift

There’s a legacy from WatchOS1 which is not only frustrating but deceptive. While one would think that a watch would have easy to use built in timers, that is far from the case. WatchOS2 changed this situation slightly, but still makes timekeeping not as… Continue Reading “How to Use Watch Timers and NSTimers in WatchOS2 and Swift”

Swift Swift: Using UIWebViews in Swift

[Updated to Swift2.0/iOS9 — 10/17/15 SJL] There are times we need formatted content. There are also times we need to access content on the web. The UIWebView is a very useful view for both. In this week’s lesson we’ll explore how to use this… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Using UIWebViews in Swift”