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Tables and Scroll Views in WatchOS2

One of the most powerful and important controls on both wearable and mobile devices are table views. Table views come in two flavors: static and dynamic. Dynamic table views read data from a collection type and displays it. Static tables allow for a vertical… Continue Reading “Tables and Scroll Views in WatchOS2”

Basic Auto Layout: A Practical View for Beginners

Note: When I originally posted the Basic Auto Layout video on YouTube, I recorded it live and did not make a script I could post underneath it. This post makes the same UI as the video, but with a few differences in depth of… Continue Reading “Basic Auto Layout: A Practical View for Beginners”

Swift Swift: Using Auto Layout with Size Classes

Last week we looked at the basics of auto layout, this week, we learn Diagonal Control Drag Using the layout error  panel for misplaced layouts Introduce Size Classes Make a different layout for iPhone in portrait with Size Classes Transcript Hello, I’m Steve from… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Using Auto Layout with Size Classes”

Swift Swift: Basic Auto Layout for iOS8

This is one of several videos I’m making about Auto Layout and Size classes. In this first video, I’ll put together a user interface and with Auto Layout. I’ll also show how to use the preview mode so you can see the UI on… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Basic Auto Layout for iOS8”

The Swift Swift Tutorial:A Swift Pizza App with UI

[Updated to Swift 2.0 8/30/15] I thought I’d do some writing for the advanced beginner to intermediate level programmer. That’s a loose definition, but I’ll define it as someone who can find their way around Xcode well enough that I can say “open a… Continue Reading “The Swift Swift Tutorial:A Swift Pizza App with UI”

From Brackets to Braces: A Swift Tutorial for Newbies

The Media was waiting for Apple to have some jaw dropping bomb of an announcement at WWDC2014, expecting some miraculous hardware like a watch or teleportation device for the iPhone. What they got in classic Apple form was totally unexpected — a new programming… Continue Reading “From Brackets to Braces: A Swift Tutorial for Newbies”


A few weeks ago, I was talking to friend  about the Stopwatch I had written in Sprite Kit. At the time I had the stopwatch working to tenths of a second.  While I was discussing this stopwatch on social media, a friend of mine… Continue Reading “WWDC Is Not CES”