The Slippy Flippy Challenge: Make Marquee Style Scrolling Backgrounds

To give a sense of motion in a game one can use parallax backgrounds. Such backgrounds are in constant motion, but at a different rate than the foreground motion. In Slippy Flippy, we use ice floating by on the water for such an effect….

From Apple to Raspberry Pi: Making Round Rectangle Buttons — The Movie

When I posted yesterday about GIMP and making Buttons for Python projects on the Raspberry Pi, I had thought someone would have a tutorial for the classic pre-iOS7 rounded rectangle button. I didn’t find any. Here is a video I put together of making…

From Apple to Raspberry Pi: Making Icons and Cool Buttons

If there is one thing that Apple developers believe,  user interfaces needs to look cool. Looking cool often requires not text, but images on your on your controls. While  not as robust as UIView and its subclasses, Tkinter does display graphics. We can add…