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Launch an Alert from a Closure Safely

Your app can get into problems when you launch UI from others threads, such as closures.  For example, you  might have an app that going to ask for permissions for things like photos, notifications, or location data. The system usually handles those, but you… Continue Reading “Launch an Alert from a Closure Safely”

Understand ARC

One of those difficult things for even experienced developers to understand is Automatic Reference Counting, or ARC. It is how Swift manages and conserves memory automatically.  Take a look at the Exercise file. I have a playground in this project with two classes. One… Continue Reading “Understand ARC”

Thrown Errors

There’s many ways to handle errors in Swift. For some errors, using throws is a great way to handle errors without crashing the system. Download the exercise file. You’ll find a project with an embedded playground.  While there’s a lot better ways to do… Continue Reading “Thrown Errors”

The Joys of Beta Swift: More with Optionals and the “does not have a member named” error

We’ve had another change to the Swift compiler that was brought to my attention by an astute reader. I was aware of it, and you’ll notice I even used it in the last few posts, but I really should have warned people about it,… Continue Reading “The Joys of Beta Swift: More with Optionals and the “does not have a member named” error”