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Unicode Characters in Strings

Special characters like emoji, accents, and symbols in your strings are easier to get than you think. This week, we’ll talk about how using Unicode characters in Swift Strings. Open the exercise file and you’ll find a project which we’ll use for this. I… Continue Reading “Unicode Characters in Strings”

How To Make Your First WatchOS2 App

It is a myth that using apps on an Apple watch requires a phone. This was true of Watch OS1, but not true of its successor OS. Granted, you still need a phone to load apps, but standalone apps are possible. With the introduction… Continue Reading “How To Make Your First WatchOS2 App”

Swift WatchKit Tutorials — A Basic Watch Kit App

Like a lot of people I ordered my Apple watch on April 10th, and now have to wait until June for it to arrive. I’m excited about the possibilities of the watch. I’m excited about writing applications for the watch, and I’m excited about sharing… Continue Reading “Swift WatchKit Tutorials — A Basic Watch Kit App”