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Tip: Add Drop Shadows

A video of this tip can be found on LinkedIn Learning User Interfaces often use shadows to make them look less flat, but it isn’t obvious how to add one to a view on your app. In this tip, I’ll show you how to… Continue Reading “Tip: Add Drop Shadows”

Using Attributed Strings in Swift 3.0

For most uses, a basic string works well. Normal strings have no character or paragraph formatting. They rely on the properties of the control to format them. The system only formats the full string, not parts of it. For formatting a part of a… Continue Reading “Using Attributed Strings in Swift 3.0”

Swift Swift: How to Make a Drop Shadow in User Interfaces

Flat User interfaces are a lie. They are not completely flat. One effect continues to be used with them to show depth: Shadows. In flat interfaces it can look like there are some views floating above others by the use of shadows. In this… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: How to Make a Drop Shadow in User Interfaces”