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Tip: Deep Dive into Any? Dictionaries

In many factory methods, you’ll find parameters with type Any? like this: userInfo parameters in iOS and context in watchOS use these. You can place anything there, but most often, you’ll use a dictionary of type [String:Any]. This is a great way of moving… Continue Reading “Tip: Deep Dive into Any? Dictionaries”

How to Make Drill-Down Tables in Swift

Table views are a lot like potato chips: You can’t have just one. Often, table views relate to each other in what is often referred to as a drill-down. Drill downs typically take the selected data and provide another list in a table about… Continue Reading “How to Make Drill-Down Tables in Swift”

Swift WatchKit: Selecting With Multiple Rows in Apple Watch

In the last lesson we created a multi-row table. However, we can only view the table, not select from the table. Multi-row tables provide some challenges with selection. Along the way, we’ll make a new interface to display selected information, using a technique we… Continue Reading “Swift WatchKit: Selecting With Multiple Rows in Apple Watch”

The Swift Swift Tutorial: Using Dictionaries and Optional Types

[Updated for Swift 2.0/iOS9 9/10/2015 – SJL ] In our last lesson, The PizzaDemo App so far told us some information about pizza sizes. What would be nice is for it to tell us the price for a pizza, based on the area of… Continue Reading “The Swift Swift Tutorial: Using Dictionaries and Optional Types”

From Apple to Raspberry Pi: Why use a Tkinter Listbox?

As those who have followed this series over the last few weeks might have noted, I’ve racked my brain trying to get around the Tkinter Listbox. For those not familiar with the Tkinter Listbox, it’s a GUI widget which allow for selection from a… Continue Reading “From Apple to Raspberry Pi: Why use a Tkinter Listbox?”