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This Old App: Another Bug, Another Day

One of the biggest hazards of indie developers is getting full of themselves. You’ll do things that you think are right or you found on StackOverflow from some other indie developer the looks like good code. Then someone comes along and tells you otherwise.… Continue Reading “This Old App: Another Bug, Another Day”

This Old App: There is Always One More Bug

A few months ago, Apple removed my app Interval RunCalc from the App Store for being too old and not updated. In this series of articles I’ll document what I did on rebuilding and improving the app. Last time, I got the app working. It calculated intervals… Continue Reading “This Old App: There is Always One More Bug”

How to Debug Programs and Life

For several reasons related to WWDC2016, I’m breaking up the sequence I’m doing on XML. We’ll continue that next week, but this week I’m giving you the article I wrote from this week’s Slice Of App Pie podcast on debugging. I’ve had several questions… Continue Reading “How to Debug Programs and Life”

SlippyFlippy 1.1: The Bug Hunt

Since my last post I got my first one-star review of SlippyFlippyPenguin. The Hard Mode bug  did it. Someone else can’t start the game in hard mode. In my last entry, I set up  a timer to fix what I thought is a user-related… Continue Reading “SlippyFlippy 1.1: The Bug Hunt”