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Using Trait Collections for Auto Layout and Size Classes

Suppose you have a project with adaptive layout, but you hate storyboards. You’ve coded all your layout and then find something horrible: it only codes well in portrait on an iPhone. You’ve decided that some of the elements need to be in a different… Continue Reading “Using Trait Collections for Auto Layout and Size Classes”

Solving Conflicting Constraints in Auto Layout

In the Auto Layout and Size Class video series, we came up with a generic layout. We made a different layout for iPhones in landscape and then another for iPads. However the preview in iPhone 6 plus in landscape is not working. In the… Continue Reading “Solving Conflicting Constraints in Auto Layout”

Basic Auto Layout: A Practical View for Beginners

Note: When I originally posted the Basic Auto Layout video on YouTube, I recorded it live and did not make a script I could post underneath it. This post makes the same UI as the video, but with a few differences in depth of… Continue Reading “Basic Auto Layout: A Practical View for Beginners”

Proportional Sizes in Autolayout

Transcript Welcome to this quick lesson on auto layout and proportional spacing of elements. In the previous videos, we used equal widths to set the spacing for  various elements in auto layout. But what if you want the sizes to be different? For example,… Continue Reading “Proportional Sizes in Autolayout”