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How to Use Custom Table Cells in a UITableView

While very versatile, there’s some point where every developer finds table views lacking something: the cell format is too limited.  Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram don’t use simple table views. They use  custom table cell formats.  In this lesson, we’ll start learning how… Continue Reading “How to Use Custom Table Cells in a UITableView”

Swift Swift: Making Colorful Table views

Sometimes you’d like to make a colorful table.  Here’s a technique to do that when configuring a table view cell. It uses the HSB UIColor methods, so if you are not familiar with them, check out my post on HSB color here. Make a… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Making Colorful Table views”

The Joys of Beta Swift: as Versus as! and Why I Avoid Betas

It came to my attention this week there’s a big change to Swift code on the way. It doesn’t look big though: it is the difference between as and as!. The keyword as is the conversion operator. Usually type or class are easily defined… Continue Reading “The Joys of Beta Swift: as Versus as! and Why I Avoid Betas”