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Checkboxes in SwiftUI

There’s lots of good stuff in SwiftUI. One missing control is old fashioned checkbox like I have on the web or on my Mac. There is a way to make a checkbox with a Toggle control. However, as a bit of a intro to… Continue Reading “Checkboxes in SwiftUI”

Replace Segmented Controls with Button Arrays

You’ve probably used the Segmented control before like this one It’s great for some simple uses but lacks flexibility. Besides using only text or single color icon, it doesn’t work in vertical or other arrangements. Let’s look at another solution: Using Button arrays.  In… Continue Reading “Replace Segmented Controls with Button Arrays”

Tip: Add Drop Shadows

A video of this tip can be found on LinkedIn Learning User Interfaces often use shadows to make them look less flat, but it isn’t obvious how to add one to a view on your app. In this tip, I’ll show you how to… Continue Reading “Tip: Add Drop Shadows”

Make Round Buttons and UIViews

In the good old days, Apple used a lot of rounded corner buttons. Many developers use several images to get the effect of round buttons. The CALayer of UIButton does have a feature for you to easily get rounded corners, and even circular buttons.… Continue Reading “Make Round Buttons and UIViews”

Where is Update Frames in Xcode 8.1?

A tech author’s work is never done. As soon as he or she completes manuscript and gets it published, the manuscript almost immediately becomes obsolete. In my case, Practical Autolayout for Xcode 8 went obsolete  a day before I published, but I had no idea about… Continue Reading “Where is Update Frames in Xcode 8.1?”

Swift WatchKit: Introducing Navigation to the Apple Watch(Part 4: Dismissals and Segues)

In our lessons setting up navigation controllers on the Apple Watch, we’ve learned how to set up the storyboard,  how to use push controllers programmatically and introduced sending data to another controller and back using contexts and delegates.  In this lesson, we’ll pass data… Continue Reading “Swift WatchKit: Introducing Navigation to the Apple Watch(Part 4: Dismissals and Segues)”

Swift WatchKit: Using Images on an Apple Watch (Part 1: Storyboard)

Goodbye Emoticons! Up to this point in our lessons for programming Apple Watch we’ve used emoticons for graphics. It’s time to introduce true images to our WatchKit apps. There are two ways to use graphics. We’ll discuss adding images to Buttons, Groups, and Interface… Continue Reading “Swift WatchKit: Using Images on an Apple Watch (Part 1: Storyboard)”

Swift WatchKit Tutorials — A Basic Watch Kit App

Like a lot of people I ordered my Apple watch on April 10th, and now have to wait until June for it to arrive. I’m excited about the possibilities of the watch. I’m excited about writing applications for the watch, and I’m excited about sharing… Continue Reading “Swift WatchKit Tutorials — A Basic Watch Kit App”