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Swift Watchkit: Headers Footers and More — Multiple Row Types in Apple Watch Tables

Some tables are boring. In our  multi-part look at the table view in Apple Watch, We’ve looked at tables with only one kind of row type. However, tables can be lot more than just one row. We might have a header row, or a…

Swift WatchKit: Selecting, Deleting and Adding Rows in an Apple Watch Table

In our first part of this series, we made a simple dynamic table for the Apple Watch. Based on some pace data when I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K, we displayed the pace I ran at the mile splits. In a real running app,…

Swift Watchkit: Making ScrollViews and Static TableViews.

To state the obvious, The Apple Watch has very small  screen real estate. There are times we need more screen space than is available. In iOS, there are scroll views. One subclass of scroll views are the table views. Table views come in two…

Swift Watchkit: Adding Context Menus

Menus are cool. Since the first interactive program, there have been menus in applications. The Apple Watch is no exception, but has no space to put a menu. To solve this problem, Apple uses the new force touch gesture to pop open a menu….

Swift WatchKit: Adding Text, Dictation, and Emoji Input to Apple Watch 

Sometimes Apple gives away stuff you can get very happy about — like a chance to use voice dictation. If you have had a chance to play with an Apple Watch, the watch has a simple but great way to deal with text messages….

Swift Watchkit: Working With Modal Views Part 3: Modal Page Views

Apple’s  documentation for WatchKit  is quite clear, even when it is lying. The documentation states you can have  hierarchical navigation or page navigation but not both. Here’s is where it lies:  you can have a page-based navigation as part of a hierarchical navigation scheme….

Swift WatchKit: Working with Modal Views Part 2: Presenting Programmatically

In the first part in this series we implemented a modal interface in WatchKit with a segue. In this part we’ll present the modal programmatically and once again set up a delegate and context for moving data between controllers. Open the project from the…

6 Themes to Expect at Apple’s WWDC 2015 No One is Talking About.

Once a year, Apple developers get together in San Francisco. Some lucky people in person, most through on-line connections. The event is the World Wide Developer’s Confrence (WWDC), the event for those people and companies developing applications for OSX and iOS. As a developer,…

Swift Watchkit: Working with Modal Views Part 1: Segue with a Delegate

Modal views on iPhones and ipads are used for input of information that requires attention. One of the on the Apple Watch is a modal view. You cannot mix a page-based interface with a hierarchical (i.e. navigation) interface as we learned in previous lessons….

Swift WatchKit: Introducing Navigation to the Apple Watch(Part 4: Dismissals and Segues)

In our lessons setting up navigation controllers on the Apple Watch, we’ve learned how to set up the storyboard,  how to use push controllers programmatically and introduced sending data to another controller and back using contexts and delegates.  In this lesson, we’ll pass data…