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Add an Animated Drawer

You’ve probably seen menus that pop out of the side of an app, but do you know how to make one? With the knowledge of some simple code you too can add these to your application using auto layout. If you take a look… Continue Reading “Add an Animated Drawer”

Animate With a Map Camera

In an earlier tip, I showed you how to make a map in iPad Playgrounds. Let’s learn how to animate those maps, doing a flyover of Michigan avenue in Chicago from The former home of Chess Records at 2120 South Michigan Avenue (immortalized in… Continue Reading “Animate With a Map Camera”

The Step by Step Guide to Custom Presentation Controllers

Ever wanted that sliding sidebar or an alert with a image picker? Apple has many great ways of presenting view controllers,  but sometimes we want something different, something new. For that we subclass UIPresentationController. However there’s a few concepts that you’ll need to wrap… Continue Reading “The Step by Step Guide to Custom Presentation Controllers”

Make a Clock in Sprite Kit: Adding Animation to the Clock

In our first installment, we added a label and set up a clock.  We could easily do that with a story board and a wired up label. The point of series this is to have a lot of cool animation running in Sprite Kit… Continue Reading “Make a Clock in Sprite Kit: Adding Animation to the Clock”