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Make App Pie started as a blog in 2013 for programming in iOS and Python. With the introduction of Swift, We dedicated ourselves to iOS and Swift app development training materials and books. Our relationship with LinkedIn Learning (Then expanded our development to include video training, including SAP Business One. 

Some of our offerings are: 

Video training development: When you need that video to help train your staff, we can help you make your own, or do all scripting, production, and editing for you. 

Written materials development: On paper or on-line, we can write your training materials or documentation.

Latest Posts

Why You Don’t Draw a Straight Line to Success

When I start talking about drawing, most people usually say they can’t do art with the phrase “I can’t even draw a straight line.” Video 10 in the Explore art with Procreate series addresses this directly: I teach you to make the straight lines of the artist. However, in the video, I didn’t unpack what that phrase really means and…

Custom Quick Help in Xcode

There are some powerful documentation features of Xcode you may not be using and will make your life a lot easier. Take a look at the downloaded exercise file. Go ahead and run it like I have here. I wrote a simple app to turn on and off a matrix of lights. Stop the app. …

Checklists in Swift UI

In our last tip, I made a single checkbox in SwiftUI. Let’s learn more about collections in SwiftUI and build a checklist.  If you download the exercise file, you’ll find an expanded version of last week’s project. Under the model folder, I added some data for our list of pizzas to try. let checkListData =…


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