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SlippyFlippy Penguin

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SlippyFlippy. The cutest penguin to slide on ice.


About SlippyFlippy

App_Store_Badge_EN_0609_100pxThe poor penguin wants to get across the ice sheet! But it’s so slippery! Ice tunnels and shifting ice are trying to push him off the sheet!

Tap the screen to move your penguin on the screen and through the ice caves. If you hit a wall of an ice cave you might fall off the back or spin out of control on the ice. Sometimes, the ice shifts and your poor penguin slides in the opposite direction.

Photo Mar 19, 9 52 47 AMThere are two versions. In the easy version, the game ends when pushed off the back of the ice sheet, and your penguin will bounce off the upper and bottom part of the ice sheet. In the hard version, The game ends if the penguin falls off any side of the ice sheet.

SlippyFlippyPenguin is available in the App Store today.

Slippy Flippy Support

Version 1.1  is now in the App Store  which addresses the Hard Mode bug where some users found the game ended immediately  upon starting the game.

If you have suggestion, complaint, or problem with SlippyFlippy, please use the form below to contact us, and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The SlippyFlippy Challenge

SlippyFlippy started as a dare to write a game in one week. I also decided to make it a tutorial on game development.

Here’s the story of SlippyFlippy: The SlippyFlippy Penguin Dare: A Tutorial on Sprite Kit

Slippy Flippy 1.0

The initial development of SlippyFlippy. Starting with a Sprite Kit template in Xcode, we’ll explore sprites, physics, building obstacles, touch events, scoring, and parallax backgrounds.

SlippyFlippy 1.1

Notes on the first round of bug fixes and improvements to SlippyFlippy. Now available in the App Store

4 responses to “SlippyFlippy Penguin”

  1. […] blog for all the information click over to the SlippyFlippy penguin page at including links to the finished […]

  2. Any plans on updating this for swift? it would certainly make quite the entry!

    1. I’ll be doing camera stuff for a while, but I can’t see why not go into spritekit and beyond into scene kit and metal. You might see some spritekit on Kinderswift, sooner (I’ve been debating that) though Slippy Flippy I’d probably have to do as a Swift Swift

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