Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Page

I’ve been working on developing device controllers with the Raspberry Pi. I’ve also had to learn a lot about programming the Pi in the process.

From Apple to Raspberry Pi

appleberryA collection of my ongoing blog-posts on transitioning into a Raspberry Pi from being a iPhone App developer since 2011.

Going from Apple to Raspberry Pi An introduction to my adventures with the Raspberry Pi

Basic Programming Techniques

  • Variables and Types A few thoughts on the difference between static and dynamic typing.
  • Look ma! No Braces!! Unlike C-based syntax, Python uses a four space tab to indicate blocks of code. What does that mean?
  • Python’s If An introduction to the If…elif…else structure of Python, which does all of Switch…case and if in one foul swoop.
  • While Loops A look at one common loop structure in Python.
  • Python for Loops A very differnt philosophy went into the for loop compared to many computer languages. Think “fast enumeration”

Using Functions and Classes

Python GUI :TKinter

Tkinter is the standard module for Graphical user interfaces in Python.


Other Links

A number of other resources out there that have been very helpful:

Adafruit Learning System — Raspberry Pi

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