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Huli Pizza Company

The Huli Pizza company is a fictional pizza company used in our demos on LinkedInLearning and here at MakeAppPie. You’ll learn more about them and their adventures in building apps for their company in our iOS courses and iOS Development Tips weekly. You’ll learn how to use SAP Business One as they buy computer equipment from OEC computers, the demo company found in SAP Business One implementations and we use in SAP Business One Essential Training.

The story of Huli Pizza Company begins when a bunch of cooks from Oahu wanted some pizza after going surfing. They got together and decide to make pizzas based on Hawaiian street food. Thier first store was so successful, they expanded throughout the Islands. Huli Pizza is also making inroads on the Mainland, in a few midwestern cities.


The classic pizza of Buffalo Mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil on a classic crust.

Huli Chicken
Our original Hawaiian street food pizza, with huli huli chicken, onions, ginger, crushed macadamia nuts, tomato sauce and cheese on a classic crust.

Quattro Formaggi
A blend of Asiago, Parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, and Gorgonzola on a thin crust.

A very long flatbread for vegetarians and vegans, made with olive oil, mushrooms, garlic, fresh ginger, and macadamias, sweetened with lilikoi.

Chicago Deep Dish
The classic deep dish cheese pizza. 2″ thick and filled with sauce and cheese. $17.00

The Big Island
A meaty calzone exploding like a volcano. Beef and pork combined with vegetables, pineapple, and a special “lava” tomato sauce leaking out the top crater.

Meat Lover’s
A deep dish for the carnivore. Sausage and pepperoni in the classic Chicago deep dish.

It may be from the mainland, but we make it our own. Pineapple, SPAM, sprouts, cheese, onions, and tomato sauce on a thin crust.

The New York Classic version. A thin crust with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

BBQ Chicken
Grilled chicken with barbecue sauce, red onions, olives, and peppers.


Chocolate Macarons
A classic French delicacy, filled with rich chocolate ganache

Crêpe Suzette
Delicate crêpe in buttery, orange sauce; served flambé

Praline Cake
Multi-layer praline and chocolate cake with caramel cream cheese

Tarte Tatin
Sticky caramel sauce with apples, served with whipped cream

Lemon Tart
zesty lemon tang, creamy custard and topped with meringue

Trio of Fruit
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums and passion fruit

Our fish is responsibly caught from sustainable sources.