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From Apple to Raspberry Pi: Look ma! No Braces!!

I recently found a Post on Google Plus from that only a programmer would love: Of course this is an endless debate of where to put the braces of a block of code.  C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C and even CSS uses those… Continue Reading “From Apple to Raspberry Pi: Look ma! No Braces!!”

Keeping things short.

I have a problem. I write too much.  It’s not a new problem. In graduate school the words “This is not a dissertation” was found next to the grade on any paper I wrote.  While professors might dread reading 100 page papers, I usually… Continue Reading “Keeping things short.”

Hello world!

Like everything in the programming community, It’s important to start with a “hello World”  program, or in this case a post. So here I go, Posting stuff. This is not you normal advice blog for app developers.  There is a lot of more knowledgeable… Continue Reading “Hello world!”