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Kinderswift 5: Make Me a Double

This time, we review integers, and look at the Double type. Transcript Welcome back to kinder swift. This lesson we will look at numbers that have decimal points, which are known as Doubles. To start, let’s make a new playground. Click File>New>playground. Name the… Continue Reading “Kinderswift 5: Make Me a Double”

KinderSwift Episode 2: Write the “Hello Pizza!!” App in Swift

In Episode 2, we will make our first app that will alternately display “Hello World” and “Hello Pizza” at the press of a button. The goal is to get acquainted with all the parts of Xcode we will be using often, not necessarily what… Continue Reading “KinderSwift Episode 2: Write the “Hello Pizza!!” App in Swift”

Swift Swift: Using Xibs and Delegates with Modal Views

In the last post, I showed how to create modal views and popovers on an iPad . That lesson was missing two critical things for modal views, which we will cover in this one. We will learn how to add a .xib file to… Continue Reading “Swift Swift: Using Xibs and Delegates with Modal Views”

Why Start an e-mail Newsletter?

I am starting one, and it’s a good question: Why? The answer: It is good for business — if used properly. Spam is a real pain. Just like everyone else, I have to clean out the spam from my inbox every day, even with… Continue Reading “Why Start an e-mail Newsletter?”

From Brackets to Braces: We will have UI!!!

One of the things about working with an iPhone is that you can use its cool UI. One of the thing I Have been struggling to write the Swift programming tutorials is that said UI was off-limits by the Apple confidentiality agreement. After writing the print… Continue Reading “From Brackets to Braces: We will have UI!!!”

Make Animated Stopwatch Buttons in Sprite Kit

Throu building a clock app, we’re exploring the uses of animation through Sprite kit for user interfaces instead of games. Last time we added the code to make a stopwatch. This time we will add three more buttons to control the stopwatch, and give… Continue Reading “Make Animated Stopwatch Buttons in Sprite Kit”

From Apple to Raspberry Pi: Using Inheritance and Overrides

Object oriented languages have a  concept called inhertance. A class can give its methods and properties to another class, which then replaces or expands the inherited class. We call the new class a subclass. When we replace a function or method we override the… Continue Reading “From Apple to Raspberry Pi: Using Inheritance and Overrides”

The Slippy Flippy Dare: Making a Basic Obstacle

To make a game fun there must be a challenge. One of those challenges is some obstacle in your path or headed towards you.  In both Flappy Bird and SlippyFlippyPenguin that  obstacle is a large rectangle with a gap in it. Your job is… Continue Reading “The Slippy Flippy Dare: Making a Basic Obstacle”

Slippy Flippy and the Time Warp.

It’s hard being in two periods of time at the same time, or is it? One problem with the Slippy Flippy Dare was I didn’t blog while I was doing it. I’m now going back and reblogging all my steps, though somewhat cleaned up.… Continue Reading “Slippy Flippy and the Time Warp.”

From Apple to Raspberry Pie: Python For Loops

Python for loops is, loopy. C, Objective-C, Java and most other languages use a for loop that is numerical. This code will count the numbers, and when the numbers are greater than 5, will stop. Python is different. The for loop is more like… Continue Reading “From Apple to Raspberry Pie: Python For Loops”