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A Swift Tutorial for Working with Classes Part 3: Abstract classes.

In the first tutorial in this series we introduced classes. In  the second we did some more advanced manipulations of classes. In both, we discussed the idea of inheritance, which has one final possibility: a class whose only purpose is to define other classes.… Continue Reading “A Swift Tutorial for Working with Classes Part 3: Abstract classes.”

Kinderswift 9: Strings

Transcript Hello, welcome to Kinderswift Lesson 9. I’m Steve from So far we’ve worked with numbers and colors, but what if you wanted to work with text? The basic text type in Swift is String. Like a literal Double of 3.5, we can… Continue Reading “Kinderswift 9: Strings”

Kinderswift 8 Challenge Answers

Watch the video for any commentary. Here are two answers. There a lot of possible ones. Answer 1 Answer 2

Kinderswift 8: Making Your Own Functions

Transcript In our last lesson we learned about functions. Swift, and most modern programming languages are nothing more than writing groups of your own functions. In this lesson, we will write our own functions. In our last lesson you may remember this function Which… Continue Reading “Kinderswift 8: Making Your Own Functions”

KinderSwift 7: Introduction to Functions

This session we will learn about functions by making colors with UIColor. Transcript Welcome to lesson 7 of KinderSwift. In our last lesson we used this to convert a Int into a Double and this to convert a Double into a Int. Both of… Continue Reading “KinderSwift 7: Introduction to Functions”

KinderSwift 6: Types and Casting

In this lesson we cover how to explicitly type an identifier and how to use casting to force its type. Transcript Welcome back to kinderswift. episode 6. In our last lesson, we left off with this not working: Swift does not let you mix… Continue Reading “KinderSwift 6: Types and Casting”

KinderSwift 4: Increments and Math Operators

In this episode, we’ll finish looking at the integer math operators, and talk a bit about how to count by one and two using increment operators. Transcript Welcome back to Kinderswift. Let’s continue from where we left off last time.In our last session, we… Continue Reading “KinderSwift 4: Increments and Math Operators”

KinderSwift Episode 3: Variable Assignment in the Xcode Playground

In this episode of our beginner’s series on Swift, we will dive into programming with the most fundamental part: assignment of values to identifiers. We’ll use the new Xcode playground feature to explore var and let. We’ll learn how to add numbers and a… Continue Reading “KinderSwift Episode 3: Variable Assignment in the Xcode Playground”

KinderSwift Tutorials for Swift Episode 1: Intro and Downloading Xcode

The first in a series of tutorials for beginner programmers using Swift. Transcript Welcome to Kinderswift, a video based course to learn basic programming using swift, Apple’s new language for Mac os X and iOS development. I’m Steve of and I’ll be your… Continue Reading “KinderSwift Tutorials for Swift Episode 1: Intro and Downloading Xcode”