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Make Swift Playgrounds Apps: Using Functions

Transcript We have Identifiers for values we can use  repeatedly.  If you think of  constants as nouns we’ll need some verbs to do actions. Swift has actions we can use repeatedly.  We call these  functions. Here’s a simple example. Add this to your code… Continue Reading “Make Swift Playgrounds Apps: Using Functions”

Make Playgrounds Apps: Constants and Calculations

Transcript We’ve got an application started, but it is very hard to change to do anything with.  If I wanted something other than guitars, such as a lightbulb or tv, I’d have to change the entire program.  Swift playgrounds and its bigger brother on… Continue Reading “Make Playgrounds Apps: Constants and Calculations”

Make Playgrounds Apps: First Steps the video

Here’s the video version of the post from last week, Starting this week the video will post with text.

Make Swift Playgrounds 4 Apps: First Steps

Swift Playgrounds 4 changes the game if you want to get into programming on the iOS and iPadOS platforms. Today we start a series that takes you from knowing nothing about programming to writing apps, one step at a time. We’ll use the Swift… Continue Reading “Make Swift Playgrounds 4 Apps: First Steps”

A Pro walkthrough of Swift Playgrounds 4

I’ll show you many of the new and nifty features of Swift Playgrounds 4 in this video.

Why You Don’t Draw a Straight Line to Success

When I start talking about drawing, most people usually say they can’t do art with the phrase “I can’t even draw a straight line.” Video 10 in the Explore art with Procreate series addresses this directly: I teach you to make the straight lines of the artist. However, in… Continue Reading “Why You Don’t Draw a Straight Line to Success”

Custom Quick Help in Xcode

There are some powerful documentation features of Xcode you may not be using and will make your life a lot easier. Take a look at the downloaded exercise file. Go ahead and run it like I have here. I wrote a simple app to… Continue Reading “Custom Quick Help in Xcode”

Checklists in Swift UI

In our last tip, I made a single checkbox in SwiftUI. Let’s learn more about collections in SwiftUI and build a checklist.  If you download the exercise file, you’ll find an expanded version of last week’s project. Under the model folder, I added some… Continue Reading “Checklists in Swift UI”

Use Sets in Swift

Of the most underrated collection types is sets. Sets are an unordered collection with unique values. Let’s take a look at what you can do with sets.  Download the exercise files and you’ll find I created  playground with a Struct called Pizza. I’ve made… Continue Reading “Use Sets in Swift”

Strings in Swift: Going back to BASICs

A few tips ago, we went under the hood with unicode Characters and their relationship to the Swift String type. For most, that’s great theory, but how does it apply to strings, not characters? When I started programming back in the 1980’s, I had… Continue Reading “Strings in Swift: Going back to BASICs”