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Launch an Alert from a Closure Safely

Your app can get into problems when you launch UI from others threads, such as closures.  For example, you  might have an app that going to ask for permissions for things like photos, notifications, or location data. The system usually handles those, but you… Continue Reading “Launch an Alert from a Closure Safely”

Ranges in Swift

You’ve probably used ranges in loops, without knowing it, but ranges are really a type in Swift. Have you ever thought about ranges and all their power? I’ll show you a few things you might want to know about Swift ranges. I’ve put a… Continue Reading “Ranges in Swift”

Draw Paths in UIViews

In a previous tip, I drew rectangles and circles in a UIView. This time, let’s add lines and curves using paths to draw some toast. Download the playground I set up for you.  I set up my code to do all the drawing in… Continue Reading “Draw Paths in UIViews”

Apple Pencil Basics

The Apple pencil adds more functionality to tablets than finger touch, even though you use the same code. Let’s do a quick explore of the Apple Pencil, and see how easy it is to add support in your app. Download the starter app. It’s… Continue Reading “Apple Pencil Basics”

Tip: Deep Dive into Any? Dictionaries

In many factory methods, you’ll find parameters with type Any? like this: userInfo parameters in iOS and context in watchOS use these. You can place anything there, but most often, you’ll use a dictionary of type [String:Any]. This is a great way of moving… Continue Reading “Tip: Deep Dive into Any? Dictionaries”

Bug Workaround: Swift Playgrounds for iPad

While doing some work on more material for the site in Swift playgrounds, I ran into a serious bug in the Swift Playgrounds for iPad. I made a short video to tell you’re about it, and I’ve included an extended transcript afterwards. Hello Folks… Continue Reading “Bug Workaround: Swift Playgrounds for iPad”