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Xcode 10 Storyboard Changes

Note: You can also watch a video of this lesson at Lynda. com and LinkedInLearning.  There’s been a few changes  to the storyboard in Xcode 10, some might just drive you crazy if you don’t know how to use them. Some are really cool… Continue Reading “Xcode 10 Storyboard Changes”

UIColor Class Extensions

A couple of weeks ago, I added  a column on converting hex colors to UIColor. That was a function you had to copy and paste into your code. I’ve also shown you how to use the assets to keep color names handy. What would… Continue Reading “UIColor Class Extensions”

The Joys of Beta Swift: A Change to Outlets

I went to open the pizza demo to get ready for my next post and was greeted by 10 compiler error messages, all the same. ‘IBOutlet’ property has non-optional type ‘UILabel’ Just after I finished the optionals post, It turns out there a change… Continue Reading “The Joys of Beta Swift: A Change to Outlets”

SlippyFlippy 1.1: The Bug Hunt

Since my last post I got my first one-star review of SlippyFlippyPenguin. The Hard Mode bug  did it. Someone else can’t start the game in hard mode. In my last entry, I set up  a timer to fix what I thought is a user-related… Continue Reading “SlippyFlippy 1.1: The Bug Hunt”

SlippyFlippy 1.1: How to make a Countdown Timer in Sprite Kit.

The next item on the update project list is making a countdown timer.  For those who haven’t read earlier episodes of this blog, there is a bug I cannot find. For a very small number of users, the game ends immediately when starting in… Continue Reading “SlippyFlippy 1.1: How to make a Countdown Timer in Sprite Kit.”

SlippyFlippy 1.1: Adding a Fading-in and out Label with Background in SpriteKit

Today we have a bug to deal with in SlippyFlippyPenguin. There are a two reports of when a user selects the hard skill level  the game  immediately goes to game over. I cannot find anything that is different in the code to account for… Continue Reading “SlippyFlippy 1.1: Adding a Fading-in and out Label with Background in SpriteKit”

SlippyFlippy 1.1: Making a High and Low Score Indicator

This is the first of my improvements to the SlippyFlippy penguin game.  While this may not make sense since I have not posted all the game code yet, it might help those trying to come up with some of these solutions for their own… Continue Reading “SlippyFlippy 1.1: Making a High and Low Score Indicator”