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Fix Stack View Disasters

Learn how to take a disaster of nested stack views and untangle it into a great user interface.

CALayer Masks

UI doesn’t have to look like a rectangle. You might want a different shape for your icon. You can do that with layer masks. Let’s learn how to set them up. Download the example files. You’ll find an app with two square buttons. If… Continue Reading “CALayer Masks”

Layout iPad Landscape and Multitasking Apps

Note:You can find a video of this tip here on LinkedIn Learning If there’s one thing in auto layout that drives me nuts it is laying out for landscape different than portrait on an iPad. Phones are easy since the class sizes are different… Continue Reading “Layout iPad Landscape and Multitasking Apps”

Xcode 10 Storyboard Changes

Note: You can also watch a video of this lesson at Lynda. com and LinkedInLearning.  There’s been a few changes  to the storyboard in Xcode 10, some might just drive you crazy if you don’t know how to use them. Some are really cool… Continue Reading “Xcode 10 Storyboard Changes”

The Safe Area: Layout and iPhone X

iOS Development Tips Weekly is a series you can find at the and LinkedIn Learning libraries.  You can find the start project here on GitHub iOS Developer’s Weekly: Layout and iPhone X With the introduction of the iPhone X, you get that full… Continue Reading “The Safe Area: Layout and iPhone X”

This Old App: Update to Xcode 9

A few months ago, Apple threw out my app Interval Runcalc for being too old. While it wasn’t the most innovative, complex or profitable, it was an app I used frequently myself. It was a calculator for time, pace and distance for running not… Continue Reading “This Old App: Update to Xcode 9”

Tab Bar Controllers in Xcode 8 Storyboards

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at tab bar controllers and how to add them in the storyboard.  For more on implementing them completely in code see Swift Swift: Using Tab Bar Controllers in Swift. For more on data sharing once set up… Continue Reading “Tab Bar Controllers in Xcode 8 Storyboards”

The Step by Step Guide to Custom Presentation Controllers

Ever wanted that sliding sidebar or an alert with a image picker? Apple has many great ways of presenting view controllers,  but sometimes we want something different, something new. For that we subclass UIPresentationController. However there’s a few concepts that you’ll need to wrap… Continue Reading “The Step by Step Guide to Custom Presentation Controllers”

Using Trait Collections for Auto Layout and Size Classes

Suppose you have a project with adaptive layout, but you hate storyboards. You’ve coded all your layout and then find something horrible: it only codes well in portrait on an iPhone. You’ve decided that some of the elements need to be in a different… Continue Reading “Using Trait Collections for Auto Layout and Size Classes”

How to Add Stack Views Programmatically and (almost) avoid AutoLayout

Some people don’t like Interface Builder and like to code instead. Sometimes your layout is so dynamic you need to lay out in code. In either case, programmatic layout of views becomes the answer instead of auto layout. In Xcode 7 Apple introduced stack… Continue Reading “How to Add Stack Views Programmatically and (almost) avoid AutoLayout”