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iOS Development Weekly and Github Exercise files

I am starting a new venture – weekly video through the LinkedIn Learning or websites. Called iOS Development Tips Weekly you can learn once a week about some cool feature of iOS, watchOS, Xcode or related development topics. Here’s a sample:


Most videos will be free for a week after their release. After that time you will need a subscription to view, so its a good idea to watch them when they come out.

If you’ve taken other courses, you’re probably familiar with the classic downloads folder. For tips and tricks, We’ll be using GitHub for exercise folders.  You’ll find the files at https://github/com/MakeAppPiePublishing That will get you to the repositories. Click  the repository  tab at the top.

You’ll find everything here.  I’ve labeled the download files for tips and tricks as Tips followed by the video number, a description  and either Begin for a starting state, End for a completed project and Extra where in some cases I’ll add some bonus  or extra material to the project.  For example the download for this video is Tips_00_Exercise_Files_begin. It is showing on the list so you can just click it, but once this list gets long,  you can search for Tips in the search bar. Add the number if you know it.  Click the repository name  and you’ll be in the repository.

In the screen that appears, Click the Clone or download button, and you have a few options You can download a zip file of the repo, and then unzip and use the project there.

You can also get the project directly in Xcode  if you have a URL for the repo. You can get that either from the Clone button, or from a link in document referring to the file.

In Xcode, You’ll need to do a few extra steps to get started. Go to Preferences and click the Source Control Tab. Click On Source control if not already checked.

Close preferences. You can now clone an existing project on the Welcome window or Click Source control in the Menu bar. You’ll see one active button Named Clone. Most likely, you’ll see this window saying you Don’t have a GitHub Account. Dont worry about that.  For exernal repos like the exercise files, paste the URL for the repo in the search bar at top.   The project loads, and saks for a file location whihc I’ll put on the desktop. Add it and click Clone. Your code appears.

I’ll be switching from  Xcode to Playground projects frequently. For playground projects you can clone them  from a downloaded zip file.

That’s how to download from Github. All of the files for tips and trick you’ll find as repositories here.

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