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How is Updating to Swift 2.0

With the release of the GM Seed last week, I am now in process of converting posts to be Swift 2.0 compatible. I make it policy not to update during beta versions, since it is likely I’ll need to change all my posts every beta version. I have a lot of work ahead of me with over 140 posts on Swift on this site.  I am targeting the 50 most popular first, then working my way to the less popular. I will leave the site up during updating and be replacing posts as I complete them. You will find on completed posts [Updated to Swift 2.0/iOS9 mm/dd/yyyy SJL] at the top of the post

In the table below I will post the status of the top posts from 2015 and where I am in updating them. I am hoping for a quick update for most of them, although a few I’ve already run into problems or need bigger revisions. I updated arrays and dictionaries to use playgrounds. The programmatic auto layout post needs a lot of work to be multitasking compatible so that one may be delayed a bit more than others.

More in The Newsletter

For those interested in what changes to Swift 2.0 there are from earlier versions, I will posting on my newsletter all the tips an tricks I’m finding as I do the updates.  You can subscribe here to get The newsletter free. A newsletter subscription also gets you access to the members-only downloads site.

Requested feature: Re-formatted Code

I’ve have several requests for more readable code segments. Unfortunately, with our current site configuration, I can’t add the add-ins to get color coding on Swift. However I can change the code so it is more readable with less side scrolling. I will be changing all multi-parameter code from one to multiple lines. So for example if I had this code:

 var myColor = UIColor(red:1.0,green:0.54,blue:0.35,alpha:1.0)

It will now be formatted as:

 var myColor = UIColor(

Hopefully this will help readability. Note I will not do this on overrides or factory methods, since those are autocompleted.

I hope to have everything up to speed as soon as possible. This is a lot of work. Thank you for your patience

Status of Top posts

Post Views 2015 Updating Status
Swift Tutorial: How to Use an Array in Swift 42,356 Complete
Swift Swift: Programmatic Navigation View Controllers in Swift 41,777 Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorial: Using Segues and Delegates in Navigation Controllers (Part 1 — The Template) 39,639 Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorial: How to Use Dictionaries in Swift 38,340 Complete
Swift Swift: Using Tab Bar Controllers in Swift 36,909 Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorial: How To Use UIViews With Auto Layout Programmatically 36,089 Complete
Swift Swift: Using Color and UIColor in Swift Part 1: RGB 27,026 Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorial: How to Use UITableView in Swift 25,921 Complete
Swift Swift: Using the UIImagePickerController for a Camera and Photo Library. 23,222 Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorials: Adding Modal Views and Popovers 20,498 Complete
Swift Swift: Using Attributed Strings in Swift 17,493 Complete
Swift Swift: Using The Navigation Bar Title and Back button. 16,128  Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorial: Why Do We Need Delegates? 16,037  Complete
Swift Swift: Using UIWebViews in Swift 13,612  Complete
Swift Swift: Implementing Picker Views 12,045  Complete
Swift Swift: Using Dates and the UIDatePicker in Swift 11,205  Not Started
Swift Swift: Using UIScrollView with Autolayout 10,039  Not Started
Swift Swift Tutorials: Introducing Table Views 9,854  Not Started
Swift Swift: Formatting a UIPickerView 9,251 Complete
Swift Swift Tutorials: Passing Data in Tab Bar Controllers 9,164 Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorial: How to Use Split View on iPad (Round 1) 7,324  Not Started
Tab Bar Controllers in Storyboards 7,200 Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorial: Adding an MVC Model Class in Swift 5,769 Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorial: Using Delegates and Segues in Swift Part 2 — The Pizza Demo App 5,456   Not Started
Swift Swift: Using NSTimer to Make a Timer or Alarm 4,702   Not Started
Swift Swift: Using UIColor in Swift Part 2: Making a Color Palette with HSB 3,595 Complete
The Swift Swift Tutorial: Using Tuples and Creating Multiple-Return Functions 3,406   Not Started

2 responses to “How is Updating to Swift 2.0”

  1. Steve, thanks so much for posting this and also updating for 2.0. I may not always get back here in timely fashion, but I LOVE your site.

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