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KinderSwift Tutorials for Swift Episode 1: Intro and Downloading Xcode

The first in a series of tutorials for beginner programmers using Swift.


Welcome to Kinderswift, a video based course to learn basic programming using swift, Apple’s new language for Mac os X and iOS development. I’m Steve of and I’ll be your instructor for this course on programming in Swift.

While there are many courses out there, most don’t start you from the absolute basics. Most assume you know some other programming language. This one doesn’t. We are going to start with the bare bones and work our way up to some seriously cool applications for the iPhone and iPad.

All you need is:

  • A Macintosh running Mavericks or Yosemite
  • Xcode (which ww will talk more about in a minute)
  • A few minutes to watch tees videos
  • A little math
  • The desire to learn.

We will be using Xcode, the same development environment professional developers use to develop iPhone and iPad apps.

Developers have a license to load apps for testing to devices and sell in the app store. We will do without the $99 per year license and use the free included simulator in Xcode to develop and play with our projects.

To get Xcode, go to the app store, and search for Xcode. Click the entry for it, and then download the application. It is a very large download so it may take a while.

Once installed, you will find it in your applications folder here. The first time you open Xcode the system will take some time to unpack itself, so again wait a bit until it finishes installing.

When all that finishes, you will find yourself looking at the Welcome Window. Our next lesson will begin here, where we will develop our first app.

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