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From Brackets to Braces: We will have UI!!!

One of the things about working with an iPhone is that you can use its cool UI. One of the thing I Have been struggling to write the Swift programming tutorials is that said UI was off-limits by the Apple confidentiality agreement.

After writing the print and println tutorials this morning, I looked up the confidentiality agreement to get the exact wording.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Apple Confidential
Information will not include: (i) information that is generally and legitimately available to the public through
no fault or breach of Yours, (ii) information that is generally made available to the public by Apple,

I did a Google Search  for Swift Cocoa   on a desktop that has none of my developer accounts on it.  I came up with this link:

Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C: Basic Setup

The documentation to use Cocoa and Objective -C  is available to the public, which means we will be using interface builder and  making real apps. The  developer document’s confidentiality agreement  does discuss not using screenshots,  so  I’m still undecided about playgrounds since screenshots would be necessary.

I will be writing the From Brackets to Braces tutorials as an iOS7 tutorial for now to teach  Swift.  Trust me — there is so much to cover in Swift programming, we won’t need to go into new features right now.  Any screenshots will be of the apps we build, nothing that give away any of Apple’s information.

I’m  now very excited to go on this adventure with you.

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