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Slippy Flippy and the Time Warp.

icon2_120It’s hard being in two periods of time at the same time, or is it?

One problem with the Slippy Flippy Dare was I didn’t blog while I was doing it. I’m now going back and reblogging all my steps, though somewhat cleaned up. However with SlippyFlippyPenguin now in the App Store, I need to start version 1.1 of SlippyFlippyPenguin. I already identified a few things I’d like to add.

  • Need high scores for both the easy and hard versions of the game
  • Need a way of displaying both
  • Add instructions to the game
  • Change the back part of the frame to not have  collision detection — Slippy should not bounce off the back wall.
  • At some point (after 25-50 points and I havent decided yet) add a new obstacle which will make it harder for Slippy — baby penguins. This will also become part of my second game that on the drawing board.
  • change the ice walls to a better flat design graphic.
  • I already know that many people like the icon of the penguin facing forward. I’d like to add an animated graphic of that to the start/ Game over scene.

That’s the shopping list at the moment. I’m sure as people play the game more, other things will show up.

So the problem is I’d like to write about where I am right now and continue writing about building the game — which is development I did a month ago.

The best answer I have is to do both. Starting Monday, I’ll be writing about the improvements to the game in the App Store. I’ll also continue to build the game from the roots up as I have done for a week.

Hopefully  that will get all the information  about game programming out.

Enjoy your journey with me.



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